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The ultimate in high-resolution scanning

The Clivia combines high-resolution imaging with unmatched ease of use and connectivity. Whether you need it on the go or on the cart with a six-hour battery, the Clivia offers everything you want in a go everywhere system. Combine that with the ability to connect to peers, sonographers and cloud storage and the Clivia benefits begin where others end.


Benefits you have to see to believe

  • 17.3-inch touch screen; operates from both tactile keyboard and touchscreen

  • Electric height adjustable; one button height adjustment with 12” height range

  • Whole day duration battery; continuous scan for more than 6 hours, independent battery duration display, and retractable battery design.

  • Abdominal, Cardiac and Internal medicine ready with all options standard

  • CoreVu instantaneous connection to sonographer and customer service

 Benefits you have to see to believe

One system for every use

The Clivia is built to be the ultrasound system for everyone to use.  From abdominal to cardiac to point of care, the Clivia offers the imaging and tuning for every use.  The Clivia comes complete with every imaging option and every preset needed.  

One-on-One Training

CoreVu empowers you to get the most out of your ultrasound investment. Certified ultrasonographers provide personalized training and education when and where it is convenient for you.

On-board Screening Assistance

CoreVu adds real time sonographer assistance to the Clivia. Our team of dedicated imaging professionals will guide you through any scan using our built-in, virtual technology.

Technology Meets Imaging

Built on the HOLO imaging platform, Clivia uses forward looking technology to provide ultra high resolution imaging. Featuring 64 times beamforming at 5000 frames per second, the Clivia provides stunning imaging across numerous applications. 


  • Screen size: 17.3 inches

  • Battery scanning time: 2.5 hours system only, 6 hours when on cart

  • Recover from sleep: 5 seconds

  • Internal image storage: 113,664 images

Technology Meets Imaging