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Schedule your CoreVu Training.


If you do not see a time that is convenient for you, need something more immediate,
or a cardiac scan, please call our office.

With CoreVu Scan Assist, sonographer-led scans
are at your fingertips with your Wisonic ultrasound.

For abdominal scans, please have your patient FAST
for 8 hours prior to the scan.

Cardiac scans require a cardiac table and possibly
hardwire connection to your internet. How to connect to your sonographer (YouTube).

If you do not see a convenient time, need something more immediate,
or need a cardiac scan, please call our office.

Please have your ultrasound serial number ready
before booking your appointment.

CoreVu appointments canceled within 30 minutes
of the start time will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

All CoreVu Scan Assist fees will be charged
upon completion of your CoreVu session.

Call 616-785-2673 for additional questions
or connectivity issues.

Abdominal CoreVu
(20 minute session)

20 Minutes @ $50.00

The virtually assisted scan is limited to 20 minutes of the overview of images, measurements, annotations, and image optimization. Single system, or a re-scan.

Abdominal CoreVu
(45 minute session)

45 Minutes @ $125.00
* Requires Skill Builder Certification

Completion of Skill Builder sessions 1-3 are required for the individual performing the scan.

Cardiac CoreVu
(60 minute session)

1 hour @ $150.00
Diagnostic or Training Session

You must have completed a cardiac training session before a diagnostic session can be scheduled. A cardiac table is required.